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Technical Welding Services Ltd is the only one in New Zealand specialising in manufacture of transit mixer bowls for the concrete industry. Technical Welding Services Ltd has a New Zealand wide customer base supplying almost all the ready-mix plants in the industry. Although its transit bowls are predominantly manufactured in five and six cubic metre models other sizes are made to order. Larger more substantial seven metre bowls are also made for central mix concrete plants. Each bowl is hand made to certified industry standards taking about 150 hours each to manufacture. Because of the abrasive nature of concrete on steel only medium to high grade tensile steel plate is used because of its superior wear qualities. The life expectancy of a concrete bowl can vary and is largely dependant on the nature and the harshness of the material used in them.

Not only does Technical Welding Services Ltd manufacture the transit mixer bowls for its customers but it also offers a complete fit up service for mixer units. This includes everything from chassis modifications and hydraulics to wiring and painting; and all units comply with LTSA regulations. Units often leave Technical Welding Services with only the sign-writing for the customer to arrange.

Technical Welding Services Ltd also have a refurbishing program for any mixer bowls and parts needing replacement. There is also a design team on site if you have any specific design needs.
Local manufacturing of our industry products: chassis, mixer bowls and components has the benefit of sourcing quality steel and consumables for the toughest and longer lasting concrete trucks.

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